Friday, March 18, 2016

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rotation 283 Revolution 9752

how can you see outside collective Dream?
what organs sense this wild grown world?

can we really dream in secret?
won't Quorum know bonded thoughts?

at some level perhaps they'll find
they can uncover our banded visions
but for now our dream foreground stays
it won't drift among dissenters

i must trust your interest sincere
if you believe what of waking i share

the frequency to color's sight?

sometimes Dream seeps in black and white
wake world always glares colors bright

know colors as in blended truth
on mind finds, harmony in sight
compares to truths gained shimmering
but flower seen no flower dream
these colors aren't mathematical
knowledge or reflective physics

they are chaos flashed beautiful

if they are only dreams of mine
why in Quorum's Blend can no one see them?

Rotation 203 Revolution 9752

physical self finds feeling self
the animate is awkward felt
organic machines succumbing
to gravity geo-locate

we're not celestial bodies

we don't orbit but fall the same
but doctor this is not my point

if we sense beyond vibration
is my touch your temperature?

one dimension detected
return to evolution
words to language

you flicker in controversy
etymology formed in dreams
kal, Quorum will not tolerate

i must drift other dreams invade 

Rotation 202 Revolution 9752

quick, dream me your theory of touch

the Quorum forbids me to

your dream truths cannot be stifled
my dream envelops only you
restricts your Reverie to me

beings seek pleasures electric
locating away from pain

physical pain and pleasure grasp
inseparable continuum

what's pain? why evolve to feel it?

remember the continuum
pleasure is very light pain
remember the Diaspora
volume of my words in churning

Rotation 179 Revolution 9752

kal, search out our deep history
rare cases of psychotic rage
Quorum couldn't triangulate
single minds have strangled others
some believe these are mythical
all must see possibility
and study abnormality

kora resists psychic council
Quorum dreams she cannot be healed

will she be cast out of Dreamscape?

she already dreams quite alone
now a leper of disbelief
you felt it, we can't reel her in
or reshape her distorted dreams

then our tired collective must
monitor her own Reverie
dream the very discovery
grasp the border of sanity

listen, she dreams the same dark Dream

horizon, sky, tongue and stink
these are the things i sense not think

not figments in the mind alone
but a burning now tangible
remaining still in Reverie
vivid mockery of our Dream

she will not be Quorum shunned but
she's obviously dream wave waste
dreaming with her may slant your mind
don't violate Quorum's consent
 it's forbidden, she disconnects

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rotation 98 Revolution 9752

why do you remain so detached?
could you not feel the mothering
voices when your dreams shimmered first?

Reverie is still kind to me
but has no answers for waking
your questions unkind by design
this a brutal psychic torture
visited upon my dreamscape
your mending embrace cannot erase
light of day and the smell of blood                    

again you pluck archaic words
from legend's distant impressions
"torture", "blood", idle poetry
ruminations of Quorum's birth
your visions are a winding whine
emotional anguish isn't pain
what do you gain from nightmare blame?

submit, submit, submit, submit, submit, submit

No! daylight's ripple shakes- return!

Rotation 82 Revolution 9752

in waking i have broken laws
took a life without giving thought
Quorum was gone i judged myself
and grieved 
              sight blurred in salted drops

only the Quorum can judge you
only True Dream fights delusion

my arms acted independently
my anger was a crushing blow
i closed my claws to snuff a life

your crime is stubborn perjury
we've no laws for physical acts
but damaged dreams, dream you undone
you must not be allowed to roam

this wakemare is still just our Dream
your creative mind poses harm
in yourself rests the greatest risk

our Dream voices will override
change your mind with corrected thoughts
cancel personal dementia
correct your interpretations

forget, forget, forget, forget, forget, forget